Friday, 18 August 2017

Brother Label Printer

 Brother Label Printer
"Brother" is an American company, manufacturing world class office equipement. Brother printers are fast and effective way to create adhesive-backed labels are there for  help to keep your work at  home, the office, business, or school organized . Brother P-touch label makers are designed to print quality, durable labels to fit any need and any budget.
From handheld and desktop models to computer label printers, Brother P-touch labelers produce durable, colorful labels. They provide a wide range of variety of label printers . P-touch labelers are both affordable and easy to use, and Applications for Brother P-touch labels are virtually infinite in nature . Some of the key features are:
·         User friendly software , equipped with easy-to-use, convenient features that allows to print labels
·         With features such as built-in keyboards, automatic tape cutters it is fast
·         Print in good speed
·         PC and Mac OS system compatible
·         It allows  to print the labels you want them to meet all of your labeling needs.
·         Almost all of the P-touch products print on laminated labels that withstand abrasions, spills, heat,
cold ,chemicals, water, and other harsh environments.
Popular Brother Label Printers :
·         Brother QL -700
·         Brother QL- 500
·         Brother QL -800
·         Brother QL -710W

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